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Welcome to River Run Resort!

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Phone : 071 584 2160

Email: bookings@riverrunresort.co.za

Caravan Stands

Tented Camp Site

Riverside Unit

Please Note Best Accessible with Suv, Bakkie ,Pick up, Mini Bus or High clearance car.Although You can drive on the dirt road with a normal Car we would rather suggest the above. 16 km dirt road.

We are situated in the Beautiful Vredefort Dome, Parys along the Vaal River. This Family Camping Site  just 1 Hour 45 min drive from Johannesburg 36 km from Potchefstroom and 45 km from Parys

Rules Of the Resort

  1. Check-in time 2:00 PM  Check out time 10:00 AM
  2. We take no responsibility for damage, loss of property or injuries.
  3. Remember that we have activities like but not limited to river tubing and rafting that all indemnities must be signed for. You wave the right to claims against the resort or its employees for all activities or injuries sustained at the resort. (NB Make sure all indemnities are signed upon booking in and bookings).
  4. All activities are done at their own risk.
  5. It is your responsibility to make sure all indemnities are signed upon arrival.
  6. We have a no music and no motorbike/Quad bike policy.
  7. All fishing is done on a catch and release basis take care of the resort and its fauna and flora.
  8. Mind the other campers and children as many kids ride their bicycles and run around the resort.
  9. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE SWIMMING POOL RULES BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL AREA as they are there for everyone to enjoy in a safe environment.
  10. We take no responsibility for the weather or damage caused by the weather.
  11. Make sure when camping that your electricity extension is long enough.
  12. Please do not waste our water.
  13. Please clean up after your own pet.
  14. Please clean up after yourself both on the resort and in the ablutions as the resort is here for your enjoyment. Do not litter and pick up your cigarette buds.
  15. Please note that there is a gravel road by which you travel and we are not in charge of its upkeep. Please note that we are in a farming community and we ask you to please not throw your cigarette buds or litter on the roads. Respect the environment. There are wild game and other animals on the road please note that (NB) they have right of way.
  16. Please note that the grass will be cut at certain times for your benefit. We know that the lawnmowers are an inconvenience but it is only for a short period of time.
  17. The resort has the right of admission reserved. If any conflict or theft or damage by any wrongful act the resort can at its own discretion tell the whole party to leave the resort. (NB this is not limited or limited to any individuals). For example: if anyone in your party child or adult stole something from the resort or any other camper or anything from anyone the entire party of that stand or stands will be asked to leave and will do so within one hour. Criminal activities will be reported to the police and action will be taken against such individuals. NOTE this claim is for the protection and safety and peace of the resort and its campers. We only have your best interest at heart.
  18. (NB) We try to only cut the lawn on Thursdays but it might not always be possible so please be advised.
  19. Please note that we do not allow any dogs in the swimming pools and big dogs must be on leashes.
  20. No dogs allowed in the wildlife camps.
  21. Note that all damages caused by the party visiting the resort will be liable for the damages and the person that was responsible for the invoice payment will be charged (But not limited to the person of the invoice or company).
  22. For any inquiries please do not hesitate to ask.
  23. Please note that this document must be signed upon arrival at the resort.

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