RiverRun Resort Eco Lodge Rentals/Sales

River Run Resort Eco Park.

For More Information On our Sales Contact

Eric on 082 5640217

We are Proud to Present to you our New Development on RiverRun Resort.RiverRun Resort Eco Park ..Paradise At your Doorstep.

How it works.

You Rent your Stand(Land )From R 3 600.00 Per Month For 10 Years. Stand Prices may Vary depending on the Position of the stand. All Stands are on the River.

Stand Size is 12 meter x 30 meters  That gives you 360 sqm

You May Erect a Tent on your stand But the tent must be approved and build by IMPI CANVAS as we would like to have the whole of the Lodge to Have the same look and feel.

Tent Prices Vary From R 100 000.00 – R 120 000.00. See Examples of Tents Below. Or click on the link picture IMPI CANVAS they will be able to give you a quotation on the Tents

You may also Contact the Architect if you would like to Change your Tent a Bit here and There.

Whats in it For you ?

If you Erect a tent you may Rent it out yourself Per Day on AIRB&B. For example if you rent your Tent out for +- R 1500.00 per day you make R 3000.00 just over a weekend.

Also say you rent it out During The week For +- R 950.00 For 2 days you make R 1 900.00 This is all just examples and you may make your price accordingly.

We will Add the whole PDF file that will contain The Other Terms and Conditions and Rules of the Lodge Shortly .

Below is the layout of the Eco Resort .

RiverRun Resort Eco park